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Common Boiler Problems that Need Boiler Repairs in Leeds

September 8th, 2021

A sudden boiler issue is nothing new when you are familiar with the tool but finding the right boiler repair near me is not easy. It not only puts a halt in your daily schedule but also prevents you from enjoying warm baths that relieve you from the accumulated stress after a long day.

Let’s get to know the common boiler issues quick to help you enjoy effective boiler repairs in Leeds:


This is one of the most common boiler problems that almost all boiler owners have faced at some point of their life. Anything can cause this. Therefore, understanding the reason behind the leak is no child’s play. You need assistance from an expert who can identify the issue in no time and fix this right away.

No Hot Water

There can be nothing more annoying than a cold water bath in the months of December and January. And it can be irksome when you realise that there is no hot water right after stepping in the bathroom. From a failed system diaphragm to faulty motorised valves – irrespective of the reason behind this, you need assistance of an expert to determine the cause.

Radiator Faults

Sludge buildup prevents the boiler from performing at its best. Unequal heat distribution is a great issue when it comes to a boiler. Cold patches indicate a wide range of problems that a novice like us cannot detect. Let a specialist take care of the job to resolve it right.

Weird Noise

We can also name it ‘kettling’. You must be aware of the noise that a tea kettle makes. However, you can also hear similar noises from a boiler when it’s under-performing or non-performing. Continuous water flow through the tool leads to a build-up inside which eventually blocks water flow. When you hear the kettling, understand your system is under-performing to deliver you hot water. It puts immense stress on the device which eventually leads to its stoppage.

Non-functioning Pilot Light

Every boiler comes with a blue flame that denotes that the system is working fine. When the light is off even after switching the boiler on, you may need to look into the thermocouple. This is a section that supports gas supply in the device. So a fault in this prevents your boiler from working to its full potential.

Irregular Hot Water

Once you notice the water flow in your house is not warm enough, it’s time to hire a boiler installation expert who also deals with emergency boiler repairs near Leeds. Working with a certified engineer protects you against unsafe boiler repairs.

Low Boiler Pressure

Maintaining an optimum boiler pressure is crucial to let the system work efficiently. when it drops low, you can detect it by the pressure gauge. Though mostly leaks cause this, however there can be other reasons behind this as well.

Book a visit with Climate Cooling & Mechanical Service Ltd to get your new boiler service in no time. A lots of factors play a crucial role behind common boiler problems. Consider the situation and call the team of experts who take care of boiler repairs in Leeds. Visit the site today!

This was the ultimate awareness of common boiler problems that need Boiler Repairs in Leeds